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Owner: Mary Ellen Hines

Mrs. Hines has worked in the drug and alcohol testing field since the Drug-Free Workplace Act was passed in 1988. She was instrumental in training and setting up collection sites to help clients comply with 49 CFR Part 40, which outlined the requirements for a compliant DOT drug testing program.

In the past, Mrs. Hines has served as a private contractor to the UPRR drug testing program, Associate VP for EMSI, a national health provider, and a National Consultant and Trainer for WPCI. She is currently the Owner of SimplePath, providing drug and alcohol program consultation and a variety of training products. She owns SecurScreen LLC, located in Minot, North Dakota, which has offices in Williston, North Dakota and Sidney, Montana. SecurScreen offers in-office and mobile collection throughtout the BAKKEN Oil Field.

Mrs. Hines is a national trainer for Lifeloc and Intoximeters, both manufacturers of alcohol testing equipment. She conducts equipment training and Breath Alcohol Technician training programs and has been a Lifeloc equipment distributor since 2002. She is one of the leading distributors because of her knowledge, and is widely respected in the drug testing industry. Mrs. Hines currently serves as Membership Chair to the SAPAA board, is a past Board Member and a Past-President of SAPAA. She is also an instructor for the SAPAA Training Institute and routinely teaches a large variety of courses which include: Collection Personnel Training Course for Instructors, Basic Urine Collector, Drug Testing Audit Procedures, Breath Alcohol Technician and Supervisor Drug and Alcohol Awareness programs. Most recently, Mrs. Hines was contracted to audit several large companies' drug and alcohol programs.

Mrs. Hines currently resides in the Dallas, Texas area of the United States of America. Her resume can be found here.

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